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Corporation Spirit

  Human—Centered Technology and Sustainable Innovation 

Growth—Seize the Tide

  3F sets its position as a specialty company with technology reputations in China and even in the world. As far as we know it’s significant to build a technological fame and follow the tide of market in the special and complicated fluorochemical industry. The market of fluorine—containing products would keep booming in the predictable future.
  We would invest foremost resources to make products more specialized and perfect, apperceive the dynamic of market acutely and accurately,exert flexible characters to adapt and exploit market actively.


Strategy—Keep Steps with Times

  On the basis of the original technology and research, 3F shapes its own technology core melted into by new technologies advancements and resources. While accelerating the development of fluorine materials, in particular, the fluorinecompounds, 3F has been engaging into the development of substitute of fluorine carbons based upon HF and F22 in the Changshu Production base. The characteristic of centralized,specialized and serialized products is highlighting the pattern of steady progress from point to cover.
Quality—Found Resplendence
  3F looks quality as the life of corporate, emphasizes quality on mind,and gets used to find problems Under the principle, 3F continually improves the quality of products,subdivides the market of products, develops new products and markets,and meets the demand of customers according to their interest.
Quality policy
to compete the market with the foremost quality
to expand the market with high quality products
to satisfy the market with continual improvements


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