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Corporation Logo & Brand



Culture core:Fluorochemical

Color standard: blue(C-100、M-50、Y-0、K-O), white


Corporation name (Chinese):

 Shanghai 3F New Material Co., Ltd.(綜藝體)
 Shanghai 3F New Material Co., Ltd.(黑體)
 referred as “3F”  


Corporation name (English):


Abbreviation: 3FNM


Corporation flag:

Figure:The flag is just like an eagle flapping its wings across the sky.

The white in the middle represents the Arabic numerals “3”, while the blue “F” represents our three products, fluoropolymers, fluorine-containing fine chemicals and fluorocarbons, whose name begin with letter “F”. The Arabic numerals “3” and the letter “F” combination make the “3F” brand stand out and greatly enhance our company's popularity cognition degree.


Moral:The flag’s colors are those of blue sky and white clouds, embodying our commitment to ensuring harmony between the development of energy and the environment.

Around the white “3”are olive branches with 32 leaves, which are the symbols of vitality and prosperity.

“SHANGHAI 3F NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD.” is our corporation’s full name in English.


Meaning:The flag embodies “3F”’s mission: We strive for prosperity and we are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities to society and promoting development that benefits all.


Standard: length 190cm, width 130cm, diameter 75cm

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